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We all have a story to tell. We know the best way to do it. We’re a production house passionate about audiovisual communication. We enjoy connecting human emotions through the creative process. We want to share it with you.
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About Elelulu

Elelulu is a production house founded by Aarón Vega Granados, a seasoned director and producer with more than 30 years of experience in the audiovisual industry. Based in the city of Miami, it has brought together a select group of professionals who share the same obsession: telling stories.
Factor Mujer - Puerto Rico 2011
How Do You Spell Amor - Miami 2021

What we do

Elelulu produces high quality educational and training videos, advertising campaigns for commercial brands, short films and documentaries with a commitment to creating a better environment and the appropriate atmosphere so that our communities can develop as they deserve.

How we do it

We work as a team to create educational videos, films and documentaries that connect us at a human level and represent us as Latinos in the United States.


Miami 2018

Aaron is enthusiastic about his job. He enjoys the journey more than the arrival and is sanely passionate about life experience. His favorite films are documentaries to which he has dedicated much of his body of work.
Miami 2019 web
Durante un scouting en Miami. 2021 web

During a scouting

Miami 2021

We turn audiovisual production work into a dynamic and fun experience, where our clients have the opportunity to enjoy the creative journey, being an active part of the whole process.


Miami 2019

Working with aggressive schedules and tight delivery dates is something that does not change Elelulu’s philosophy towards its projects. We understand that each of the deliveries represents something very important for each client and our maxim will always be to satisfy their needs by creating a work atmosphere fun.
filmando en miami

Recent Projects

Short film

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Official Selection 9th Filmy Monks Film Festival. India.

Author picture

Official Selection 3rd Cefalú Film Festival. Italy

Author picture

13th Life-Off FilmakerSessions by Life-off Global Network. UK.


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Official Selection 20 Havana Film Festival New York. United States

Author picture

Official Selection 38th Festival de Cine Ibero-Latinoamericano de Trieste. Italy

Educational Video

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APHA Public Health Film Festival. Georgia. United States

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